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Veterinary Center at Turnberry

12303 E. 104th Pl
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Veterinary Center at Turnberry - Our Online Pharmacy

Get your RX food and medications from a trusted online store -Our own stores!

Prices are competitive to other sites where all products are guaranteed to be authentic and effective!


 Did you know a lot of online pet pharmacies (even large ones) get their medication from the second-hand market? This means the manufacturer will not guarantee their product as it may be fake, foreign, or expired. Buying direct from manufacturer ensures the product is safe, effective, and guaranteed. 

We have partnered with two online pharmacies that receive all of their medications direct from the manufacturer. 

These pharmacies allow for convenient home delivery of medications, access to hard to find medications, and the ability to customize orders/compound medications. We utilize both wonderful pharmacies as they do carry different products. Check them out! Both have great customer service reps if you have questions about ordering. (All medical questions should be directed to the clinic).

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